Ask The Expert

TV characters tell you how the hell you should live your life.

Do You Have Questions About Life In The Handmaid's Tale's Gilead? Ask A Man!

Ladies: take a break. In Episode 7, a man is talking. 2017.05.24S01.E07

Ask Doctor Who's Forgotten Companion

Hard-earned wisdom from Pete, who discovered that some time travel mistakes are too much to be borne. 2017.04.30S10.E03

Ask Scandal's Once And Future Secret Agent

Rowan/Eli Pope may be semi-retired from B613, but he's still available to help you with your love life, dinosaur questions, or career advice. 2017.03.17S06.E06

Ask The Man In The High Castle's Dud Turned Stud

Frank Frink is no longer the boy that was punished for having such a silly name. He's a bomb-extractin' ladies' man now. 2016.12.20S02.E04

Ask Fuller House's Wild-And-Crazy Aunt

She's not like a regular aunt, okay? She's a cool aunt. 2016.12.12S02.E03

Ask Agents Of SHIELD's Magical Robot

Putting the 'aid' back in 'Aida' with an advice column on everything from physics to franchise consistency! 2016.12.07S04.E08

Ask The Crown's Royal Spare About 'Pride & Joy'

Let's take a peek at Princess Margaret's unpublished, ahead-of-her-time correspondence. 2016.11.10S01.E08

Ask Supergirl's Evil Mystery Scientist

The Cadmus boss shares a surprising range of knowledge, from alien weaponry to underground video production to…parenting? 2016.11.08S02.E05

Ask Fear The Walking Dead's Loner With Unusual Hydration Practices

You never know what you'll drink when urine dire straits. 2016.08.21S02.E08

Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer Takes On Some Of TV’s Favorite Bars

Running a (fictional) bar is not just a business -- it’s a science. Jessica Liese imagines what he might have to say about watering holes on scripted TV shows. 2016.08.17

Ask Shameless's Disgusting, Self-Absorbed Alcoholic

Frank Gallagher's got advice, but that doesn't mean you should take it. 2016.08.15

Ask The Vulcan Chick Who Told Spock To Stuff His Arranged Marriage

Her name is T'Pring, and she's got a good, pointy-eared head on her shoulders! 2016.07.28S02.E01

Ask A Stranger Things Creature With An Unorthodox Living Situation

Whatever this creepy thing is, it's got hold of Joyce's Christmas-light Ouija board, and it's bursting at the (wallpaper) seams with helpful advice. 2016.07.19S01.E04

Ask Frasier's Live-In Housekeeper/ Physical Therapist/ Psychic

Want to break into housekeeping? Need your employer to stop making fat jokes? Daphne can help! 2016.07.06

Ask The Incredibly Evil Doctor Who Is Ruining Everything On Pretty Little Liars

Pretty sure it’s not cool to treat your wife’s mental illness, but okay. 2016.06.29S07.E02

Ask A Vengeful Russian On S04.E12 Of Orange Is The New Black

Galina 'Red' Reznikov has been around the block, and she knows how to solve any emergency. She's got the answer to your problems. 2016.06.24S04.E12

Ask Any Given Wednesday's Incensed Ben Affleck

The Oscar-winner and Tom Brady defender answers your sports questions. ANGRILY. 2016.06.23S01.E01

Ask Fear The Walking Dead's Terrifying Pregnancy Advisor

You probably don't want to know how your baby's doing, but why not ask anyway? 2016.05.01S02.E04

Ask The Vampire Diaries's Unstable Vampire Hunter

She's tortured by the bloodthirsty visions of killers, but she still has opinions. (She also mostly just wants a cheeseburger and a nap.) 2016.04.22S07.E19

Ask The Vampire Diaries's Irritable Lesbian Heretic

She knows her poetry, but don't ask her to deal with your nonsense. 2016.04.01S07.E16

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