The Leftovers Star Carrie Coon Will Be The Female Lead For Season 3 Of Fargo

Yah, real good.

What happened? FX's acclaimed Fargo, which is shortly to start production on its third season (which will be broadcast sometime in 2017), has just cast Carrie Coon as its female lead.

More context, please? Since 2014, Coon has been playing Nora on The Leftovers, but since that show is about to air its third and final season, girlfriend needs a gig. According to TVLine, Coon will play a recent divorcée named Gloria Burgle, in a season set in the more recent past: she'll be "struggling to understand this new world around her where people connect more intimately with their phones than the people right in front of them." Coon will be joined in Season 3 by Ewan McGregor in a dual role, but so far that's about all we know about the season.

And how does this make us feel? So great. Carrie Coon is a goddess, and her performance in The Leftovers is shockingly underrated. May this be the first step on her path to headlining her own kickass lady a Madam Secretary, except good.


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