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If There's More Fargo To Come, Where Could It Go From Here?

As another season winds down, amid rumors that it may be the last, how might the stories spin off if the rumors aren't true?

Like every previous season of Fargo, this one just might be the last. Series creator Noah Hawley has not committed to coming up with a fourth story to tell, and indeed, it's increasingly difficult to see how Fargo could possibly continue to stay fresh without going even further outside the lines than it already has.

But even if Fargo itself closes up shop, that's no reason that the stories it has begun can't continue. Three seasons have provided a rich cast of characters that many of us wouldn't mind following further. After all, if a TV pilot starring a pre-Sopranos Edie Falco as Marge Gunderson could be made in 1997, what's to stop more extensions of the Fargo saga from going as far as they can?

Here, then, is a series of pitches for Fargo series spinoffs. Are some of these partially serious? You betcha.

To Catch A Burgle

Feeling abandoned by her family and more disconnected than ever, Gloria Burgle (Aubrey Plaza) decides that her invisibility to motion sensors and other technology is not a curse, but a gift. Thus, she embarks on a crime spree as the upper Midwest's only supervillain, using her police access to plan inside jobs in which she walks right past electronic anti-theft measures. Only her former friend Detective Winifred Lopez (Veronica Osorio) suspects what she's really up to, but Winnie's too busy with her nine kids to marshal the resources she needs for a proper womanhunt.

Swango Tango

After the murder of her eighth bridge partner in as many months, Nikki Swango (Julianne Hough) decides the future she once dreamed of is simply not in the cards. Setting out to create a life in which she can rely on just herself, she instead finds her destiny tied to that of Lars Berglindhanstromquist (Colt Prattes) as she stumbles into the cutthroat world of competitive ballroom dancing. This being a Fargo spinoff, said throat-cutting is, of course, quite literal. Eagle-eyed viewers will pick up on frequent clues indicating that Nikki is dead already.


Meeker County deputy Donnie Mashman (Jim Gaffigan) is a weekend warrior in the Minnesota National Guard, until a freak series of events sees him and his unit deployed to a mobile hospital in Afghanistan. Donnie finds himself part of a group of wisecracking medics using humor to comment on the horror of violence, when he's not letting enemy combatants walk away from him.

Mike & Malvo

In the mid-eighties, Mike Milligan (Paterson Joseph) grows weary of his desk job with the Kansas City mafia and makes a violent exit. But he belatedly discovers that he has taken an accidental hostage in the person of an assistant mailroom accountant played by Jim Parsons. The two quickly settle into a master-apprentice relationship, as Mike teaches the ways of murder, philosophy, and Lewis Carroll to the man who decides to start calling himself Lorne.

The Best Me I Can Still Be

After her release from prison in 1999, Peggy Blumquist (Lisa Kudrow) must try to find her way through a world that is drastically different from the world she left behind twenty years before -- a world she also couldn't find her way through. So instead, she mainly has delusions and inadvertently causes massacres.

Better Call Molly

Greta Grimly (Hailee Steinfeld) is just trying to live the life of a normal teenager with her dad Gus (Timothy Omundson), her stepmom Molly (Katy Mixon), and Molly's dad Lou (Robert Carradine). But it's pretty tough getting away with anything when you live under the same roof with three ex-cops. Hijinks, as one might imagine, ensue.

By The Numbers

A sweet romantic comedy explores the heart-tickling obstacles that any couple encounters when one is deaf, one is a sardonic motormouth, and both dream of becoming implacable hit men. Young Petey Numbers (Dylan Minnette) and Tommy Wrench (Nolan Gould) struggle through the eighties trying to make it into the big leagues, while keeping their boss Mr. Dent (Wes Studi) in the dark about the true nature of their relationship.

And Baby Makes Threemo

Varga's taciturn enforcer Meemo (John Cho) falls in love with a woman he's been ordered to kill (Holly Hunter). Instead of carrying out the contract, he renounces everything in his life to be with her. Only then does he discover she has a grown son (T.J. Kuhn) who carries a gun, rarely speaks, and insists on wearing earbuds all the time.

Touched By A Wandering Jew

Long ago, Paul Marrane (Ray Wise) made the mistake of taunting a condemned man, and is now cursed to walk the earth until the return of that man, a fellow called Jesus (John Turturro). Every week Paul delivers a different mysterious message and/or helps a different troubled soul, ostensibly putting his own problems on the back burner while secretly doing everything possible to bring about the end of the world, and thus the Second Coming. The series finale at last sees his goal within reach when he is elected President of the United States.

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