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The Nonac

Your guide to all the terrible stuff that made it into the Extra Hot Great Nonac.

Sometimes, instead of pitching an episode for The Canon, we'll hear arguments for the most terrible episodes of otherwise good shows. This evil mirror image of The Canon is called The Nonac!

Arrested Development

Ready, Aim, Marry Me 191

Battlestar Galactica

Black Market Mini*

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Amends 24
Into The Woods 146

Dawson's Creek

Downtown Crossing 51

Dawson's Creek

Downtown Crossing 51


Hark Motors 216


Freefall 136

Friday Night Lights

Last Days Of Summer 128


The One Where Rosita Dies 222

Gilmore Girls

A Vineyard Valentine 217

The Good Wife

And The Law Won 51

How I Met Your Mother

Last Forever 137

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Frank's Brother 94


Dreams 169

Miami Vice

Missing Hours 176

My So-Called Life

The Substitute 176

The Office (US)

Cafe Disco 110

Project Runway

Go Big Or Go Home 51

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Shades Of Gray 57

That 70s Show

That 70s Musical 107

The X-Files

The Field Where I Died 157