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The Lexicon

Your guide to the linguistic nonsense on Extra Hot Great.

A quick guide to some of the shorthand we use on the podcast.

The Blankenship Chair: Named after frequent guest and frequent urinator Mark Blankenship.

Cinnamon Toastencrunch: That's what we call Benedict Cumberbatch after Jeff Alexander put it in our heads.

"CHOMP!": Megan Draper.

I Am Not A Crackpot: Perfectly sensible opinions the world has yet to embrace for some stupid, misguided reasons.

Is This Worse Than Jazz: We compare things to jazz (which is terrible).

Joe's Blowsy Blondes: Joe's category of preferred actresses whose brassy, unself-conscious personalities make them irresistibly delightful. Includes but not limited to Busy Philipps, Leslie Grossman, Ari Graynor, Kathryn Hahn. [Note: "blonde" can be flexible.].

Nineteen: Average age of Vietnam combat veteran.

The Nonac: The anti-Canon. The worst shit show of an episode of a good show. i.e. Battlestar Galactica's Black Market.

The Pierce: The character you can lift out of a show and drop in an active volcano without changing the show much and maybe improving it in the process.

Shits and Giggles: Just for fun. i.e. Playing the tiebreaker question after someone has already won Game Time.

"Shaa-ping!": A quote useful to remind ourselves of our — and Paz de la Huerta's — place in the universe.

Spoilers A-ho, Fun Ahoy: One Day Dave forgot how to say "ahoy" and we ran with it.

Smooth Joey Apollo: Joe's odds-maker alter-ego.

Tara Ariano: Wig Cop, Tara Ariano: Accent Cop, Tara Ariano: Continuity Cop: Tara Ariano is on the case on TV's little and wig mistakes.

"That's Bullshit!": On occasion Peggy Oslon tells it like it is.

The Spread Eagle: Seventeen.

Timothy Off-With-His-Pants: Timothy Olyphant. Dave wrote a jingle and everything!

Through Methods: How you get things others don't know how to get. i.e. "How did you watch the new Luther already?" "Oh, you know... through methods."

The Unhateables: Actors who are universally beloved.

Will Dave Hate This: People take sides on an upcoming project and explain whether or not they think Dave Will Hate This. Dave then explains his view and a winner is declared. Traditionally the loser commits suicide.