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The Christmas-Creep TV Forcening

The full-time panelists force one another to watch TV episodes on a theme of Christmas creep...whatever 'creep' might mean!

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It's just the three of us for our EHG "holiday episode" -- a meditation on the theme of Christmas creep. And yeah, they DO start playing carols in the mall on, like, November 2 these days...but that's not exactly the definition "creep" that became central to our discussion as we contemplated a Hill Street Blues that contained literally all the acting, plus plenty of judgment of singletons; an All In The Family double episode in which a hate crime led to a lengthy crisis of faith for Edith, who was not that crime's victim; and a Pickle & Peanut segment that abandoned us all in the Uncanny Valley.

So when we say "Christmas creep," get ready to shudder as you deck the halls with a very special Extra Hot Great.

Show Topics

  • Sarah Forcens Tara: Hill Street Blues S03.E12, "Santaclaustrophobia"
  • Tara Forces Dave: All In The Family S08.E13 & E14, "Edith's Crisis Of Faith"
  • Dave Forcens Sarah: Pickle & Peanut, "Merry Mo-Cap"

Show Notes