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Taking Notes On A.P. Bio

Monty Ashley returns to discuss NBC's new bad teacher-com!

As NBC leads us into the Olympics with a sneak peek of its new sitcom A.P. Bio, we call on Monty Ashley (get it) to discuss whether it should have been held back. Around The Dial takes us to 2 Dope Queens, Dragula, Intervention, Altered Carbon, and The Cloverfield Paradox. Monty makes the bold case for Episode #1839 of Sesame Street to be inducted into the Canon, and then after we name the week's Winner and Loser, it's on to the season's first Regulation Game Time. Sharpen your #2 pencil and join us!

Show Topics

  • A.P. Bio
  • Around The Dial
    • 2 Dope Queens
    • Dragula
    • Intervention
    • Altered Carbon
    • The Cloverfield Paradox
  • The Canon:Sesame Street #1839
  • Winner and Loser of the Week
    • Bekah Martinez
    • Bill Belichick
  • Game Time: Cliffhangers

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