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Should You Get Initiated Into Lodge 49?

Adam Sternbergh returns to talk about AMC's new SoCal-mystical-fraternal-order dramedy!

AMC's newest drama is Lodge 49, the story of a dirtbag ex-surfer mysteriously drawn to a Long Beach fraternal order; does it deserve its Better Call Saul lead-in? Surf fiction fan Adam Sternbergh returns to talk about it! Around The Dial takes us through Insecure, Babylon Berlin, and HBO's Ben Bradlee doc Newspaperman. Adam makes the case for us to induct Killing Eve's series premiere into the Canon, and then it's up, up and away to a comic book-themed Game Time. Put on your signet ring and join us!

Show Topics

  • Lodge 49
  • Around The Dial
    • Insecure
    • Babylon Berlin
    • Newspaperman: The Life And Times Of Ben Bradlee
    • Dave gets a 4K TV
  • The Canon: Killing Eve S01.E01: Nice Face
  • Winner and Loser of the Week
    • Cord-cutters
    • Talking Dead
  • Game Time: Prose & Comic-Cons

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