Should You Chase White Dragon?

Or did we all say Hong Kong phooey to this imported crime drama? Allison Lowe Huff on that, a mini-Wheel of Murder, a Charmed Canon entry, and more!

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Amazon's import from ITV, White Dragon, is about a life and marriage that isn't what it seemed...and unfortunately, that's a meta comment on the show, because it seemed good, but was not. Allison Lowe Huff returns to discuss the show's first dumb, then too-Bond protagonist; the actors we didn't see enough of; and the Lost-ish Hydra of questions and puzzles. Then we moved on to a mini-Wheel of Murder and recommended overseas crime shows we DID like, including a French Agatha Christie, a Japanese Sherlock Holmes, a Spanish Ocean's 11, and the pretenders to Happy Valley's throne.

And we STILL had yet to go Around The Dial to discuss One Day At A Time's third season, American Soul, the Studio 54 doc, and the Smart Mouth Valentine's special! After Caroline hit us with an EHG-history game in her Extra Credit, we were...Charmed by a listener's Canon presentation. The Other Two won, NBC lost Bob Costas, and it's all about location in a very stately Game Time. Don't lose your passport: it's time to visit an all-new Extra Hot Great.

Show Topics

  • White Dragon
  • Mini Wheel Of Murder!
    • Private Eyes
    • Miss Sherlock
    • Agatha Christie's Criminal Games
    • No Offence
    • Happy Valley
    • Midsomer Murders
    • Money Heist
  • Around The Dial
    • One Day At A Time
    • American Soul
    • Studio 54
    • Big Mouth's "My Furry Valentine"
  • Extra Credit from Caroline: Extra Hot Trivia
  • The Canon: Charmed S02.E02: Morality Bites
  • Winner and Loser of the Week
    • The Other Two
    • NBC
  • Game Time: Location, Location, Location

Show Notes