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On The Record With The Fourth Estate

Maureen Ryan is back to discuss Showtime's Times documentary!

Our esteemed colleague and Star Trek fantasy-draft star Mo Ryan returns to the podcast to talk about Liz Garbus's four-part New York Times documentary, The Fourth Estate, and the various frustrations we all had with both the documentary itself; its sometimes navel-gazey and tone-deaf subject; and all the things we wished the series had covered (or skipped)...though the intensity of our feelings probably means it's worth a watch. Also worth a watch in our Around The Dial section: Killjoys, Wynonna Earp, and Jane The Virgin, with another Showtime doc project, Love Means Zero, rating a skip from Buntsy. We mourned Tara's DVR, took Mo's Canon pitch for a season finale One Day At A Time, and declared a couple of vintage sitcoms Winners AND Losers before playing a super(hero)-charged Game Time from Dan Cassino. Let's hope we didn't bury the lede for an all-new Extra Hot Great!

Show Topics

  • The Fourth Estate
  • Tara's DVR: A Eulogy
  • Around The Dial
    • Jane The Virgin
    • Wynonna Earp
    • Killjoys
    • Love Means Zero
  • The Canon: One Day At A Time S02.E13: "Not Yet"
  • Winner and Loser of the Week
    • The Golden Girls
    • Roseanne
  • Game Time: Not Quite Superheroes

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