O Canon-baum, O Canon-baum

We honor the gifts YOU give US by considering user-submitted Canon well as an, um, amazing pilot.

What's under the Extra Hot Great tree today in this winter-holiday all-Canon episode? First up is Supernatural's fifth-season "Changing Channels," a TV trope send-up with a couple of Buntnip elements the submitter hopes will guarantee a vote from Sarah, followed by a very courageous anime submission in the form of Gurren Lagann S01.E08. And once we've dispensed with Jeffrey Dean Morgan in-jokes and AT-AT tiki walkers, it's time to contemplate the $165 budget of the pilot of NightMan, a show that couldn't even afford a fan and seems like it's maybe actually a pest-control porno. O Little Town Of *****, N*, there's a message for one of your residents in this very merry episode of Extra Hot Great.

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Show Notes

The NightMan credits sequence you can't live without


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