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Extra Hot Great Submission Guidelines

Your guide to sending in Canon pitches, Game Time questions and more.

Submission Guidelines for The Canon

Submissions For Game Time

Do you know what time it is? It's (time to submit your games for) Game Time! Each episode of the podcast ends with an epic test of TV trivia and some of the best, craziest, and most fun ones have come directly from our listeners. Some game types we've played in the past include thematic quizzes (e.g. "What's My Ride?," matching the transportation to the show), knowledge endurance tests (e.g. Hot Potato, where a list of related things are traded back and forth -- one we already did involved opening credit cast members of Law & Order), and if you are feeling ambitious we also do audio quizzes (e.g. theme songs). If you want to check if your idea has been done before, just email Dave. Here are the guidelines for submissions:

Help Us With Existing Game Time Ideas

Sometimes we get (or think of) a great Game Time idea but we need more questions. That's when we ask the awesome folks who follow @EHGassist on Twitter. Join us there!


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