Look out pasty British people! It's summer! Photos: Showtime, Clipart.com; Illustration: Previously.TV

EHG 33: Summer TV Weather Report

Joe Reid returns to talk about the shows we'll be enjoying in some A/C this summer.

The great Joe Reid returns to his old stomping grounds for a roundup of the shows we'll be watching this summer, as we each pick one respectable series and one piece of beloved garbage. A super-sized Around The Dial features talk of game nights, possible movie news, and the shows that have disappointed Sarah and Tara most this week. Joe presents the "Valerie Relaxes In Palm Springs" episode of The Comeback for submission into The Canon, and then after identifying the Winner and Loser of the week, we round things off with an exciting, suspenseful Game Time about shows that noooooooobody remembers. Get into a kiddie pool and enjoy!

Show Notes

Episode Rundown

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:15 Summer TV Weather Report
00:01:45 Penny Dreadful
00:08:15 Orange Is The New Black
00:14:00 Masters Of Sex
00:16:45 Rectify
00:19:30 Halt And Catch Fire
00:24:30 Big Brother and The Real World
00:29:00 Witches Of East End
00:32:30 Botched!
00:33:30 Around The Dial
00:33:50 Veep
00:37:45 Louie
00:44:30 Hollywood Game Night
00:49:15 Clone High
00:50:00 Turn
00:51:20 True Tori
00:53:30 The Canon: The Comeback S01.E08 Valerie Relaxes In Palm Springs
01:20:00 Winner and Loser of the Week
01:23:00 Game Time: Grim Reality
01:53:00 Outro

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