EHG 148: Lining Up For Hip Hop Squares

Allison Lowe Huff returns to talk about VH1's game show reboot!

As VH1 and Ice Cube breathe new life into an old game show format with Hip Hop Squares, Allison Lowe Huff returns to discuss whether circle got the square this time around. Around The Dial stops at Feud, Amazon's Ronja The Robber's Daughter, Samurai Jack, and another classic TV promo Dave unearthed from the depths of the internet. Dave then makes his case for The Venture Bros. episode "The Doctor Is Sin" to the Canon, and after identifying the week's Winner and Loser, we toy with a thrilling new Game Time. Top up your cocktail and join us!

Episode Rundown

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:20 Hip Hop Squares
00:14:35 Feud
00:19:25 Ronja the Robber’s Daughter
00:23:20 Samurai Jack
00:26:50 Marine Boy
00:28:30 Dave's Derby Drive
00:30:35 The Canon: The Venture Bros. S03.E02: The Doctor Is Sin
00:51:20 Winner and Loser of the Week
00:54:05 Game Time: Children Of The Free Market
01:18:50 Outro

Show Notes

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