EHG 140: Getting Our Nick-ers In A Twist Over The Bachelor

Our esteemed colleague Jeff Drake on three-time loser Nick Viall, The Young Pope, and more!

It's a new year for EHG, and a new journey for The Bachelor. Jeff Drake returns to talk about the special madness of Corinne, plus we pick our winners and wonder whether watching UnREAL has enhanced our experience of the original. The Blotter Presents caught us up with the Menendezes and OJ, and we debated whether Dave would hate Canadian outlaw period drama Frontier before going around the dial with One Day At A Time's reboot, The Young Pope, Sleepy Hollow, and games we play with Siri on Apple TV. Caroline tried to Psych us out in the Canon; the CW lost and NBC News won; and Game Time put us all to work on the chain gang. Can we steal you for a second -- for an all-new Extra Hot Great?

Episode Rundown

00:00:00 Intro & Site Business
00:01:45 The Bachelor
00:30:35 The Blotter Presents
00:33:25 Will Dave Hate This: Frontier
00:38:20 One Day At A Time
00:41:15 The Young Pope
00:46:20 Sleepy Hollow
00:49:20 The Apple TV Siri Remote
00:51:15 The Canon: Psych S01.E15: Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast
01:08:00 Winner and Loser of the Week
01:11:00 Game Time: Chain Gang
01:49:30 Outro

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