EHG 133: Looking Into The Black Mirror

Daniel MacEachern joins the panel to discuss Netflix's dystopian anthology, Canadian educational programming vérité, and more!

Our esteemed colleague Danny MacEachern is back on Extra Hot Great for a dystopian good time with the newest season of Black Mirror, from obsessive "like"-checking to robot bees and everything in between. Buntsy updated us on future true-crime programming before we went Around The Dial with Jane The Virgin, Halloween on TV, Bull, superheroes, startups, and Negan. Everybody wants something, and Danny wouldn't give up on his Degrassi Junior High Canon submission, plus Nev Schulman actually picked out a half-decent kid name and Sarah's sure NBC's going to lace its Sneakers up wrong. What's the best use of a drone on TV? Why didn't Dave cry at "San Junipero"? And what kind of greasy kid stuff did we get up to in Game Time? Enter the Extra Hot Greatrix with an all-new episode and find out!

Episode Rundown

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:37 Black Mirror S03.E01: Nosedive
00:06:41 Black Mirror S03.E02: Playtest
00:11:31 Black Mirror S03.E03: Shut Up And Dance
00:16:43 Black Mirror S03.E04: San Junipero
00:24:00 Black Mirror S03.E05: Men Against Fire
00:31:30 Black Mirror S03.E06: Hated In The Nation
00:38:16 The Blotter Presents: Murder In The Heartland: In Cold Blood Revisited
00:40:45 Sponsor: Are Raisins Worse Than Jazz?
00:43:33 Jane The Virgin
00:47:51 Supergirl
00:51:35 Project Runway: Fashion Startup
00:55:22 The Walking Dead
01:00:29 Smarties
01:01:27 The Canon: Degrassi Junior High S01.E07: The Best Laid Plans
01:26:32 Winner and Loser of the Week
01:27:57 Game Time: Kids Stuff
01:52:36 Outro

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