EHG 128: Voting Early And Often On The West Wing

Marathon Diarist and first-time guest Sarah Hope joins us to talk Sorkin's liberal fantasy -- and brings a killer Nonac submission!

TWW Marathon Diarist Sarah Hope comes to Extra Hot Great for a West Wing floor fight: our favorite characters and relationships from Aaron Sorkin's turn-of-the-millennium political drama, the Sorkiniest moments, and the stuff that hasn't aged well (paging, um, all those pagers in the premiere). The Blotter Presents watched Marg Helgenberger chow the scenery in a vintage JonBenét TV movie, and we went around the dial with new FX sitcoms, Lethal Weapon, The Night Of, and British teen coming-of-age story My Mad Fat Diary before Sarah H. held her nose and submitted Friday Night Lights's second-season premiere for the Nonac. Empire won, Dr. Drew lost, and tag we were all it for a very close Game Time. How does a bill become an "aw, man"? Find out on an all-new Extra Hot Great.

Episode Rundown

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:05 The West Wing Marathon Diary
00:32:33 The Blotter Presents: Perfect Murder, Perfect Town
00:36:03 Sponsor: EHG Micro
00:38:34 Atlanta & Better Things
00:43:33 My Mad Fat Diary
00:47:48 The Night Of
00:54:23 Lethal Weapon
00:56:56 I Am Not A Crackpot
00:58:50 The Nonac: Friday Night Lights Last Days Of Summer
01:21:21 Winner and Loser of the Week
01:23:03 Game Time: Tagline, You're It
01:48:07 Outro

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