EHG 127: Committing Mutiny With Halt And Catch Fire

Philip Michaels joins us for a discussion about the historical tech drama!

As Halt And Catch Fire boots up for its third season, Philip Michaels joins us to talk about all the best bits (and bytes) of the first two episodes. The Blotter Presents Sarah's review of MTV's new true crime docuseries Unlocking The Truth, and then we go Around The Dial with stops at Key & Peele, British Premier League soccer on NBC, Ripper Street, and an appropriate vintage Vic-20 ad. Phil presents the Simpsons episode "Last Exit To Springfield" for the Canon, and then after calling out the week's Winner and Loser, we hold our noses through a..."delightful" Game Time. Log in and join us!

Episode Rundown

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:41 Halt And Catch Fire
00:18:52 The Blotter Presents: Unlocking The Truth
00:23:46 Key & Peele
00:28:27 Premier League
00:32:30 Ripper Street
00:35:55 VIC-20 Commercial
00:36:35 The Canon: The Simpsons "Last Exit To Springfield"
00:50:40 Winner and Loser of the Week
00:54:52 Game Time: The Delightful Dozen
01:22:30 Outro

Show Notes