EHG 126: Big Draw: Animated Shows For Grown-Ups

Monty Ashley joins us to talk cartoons that aren't just kid stuff -- plus a gold-medal Game Time!

Our esteemed colleague Monty Ashley is back to talk about our favorite cartoons for adults in all sorts of categories -- cartoons no kid should ever see (hey, Ren), series that work just as well for adults as for kids (lookin' at you, SpongeBob), the most beautifully drawn (and scored) shows, and much more. The Blotter managed to dig up a crime cartoon, and then we went around the dial with human cartoons on Catfish, Seeso's Take My Wife, the finale of The Great British Baking Show (get the PBS app, y'all!), and Occupied. Did Monty get whammied in his Press Your Luck Canon submission? Did a Criminal Minds star lose(r) the plot? And who's at the top of the podium after Game Time? We've got the line on an all-new Extra Hot Great, so check it out.

Episode Rundown

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:33 Cartoons For Adults
00:38:08 The Blotter Presents: Crime: The Animated Series
00:42:33 Catfish
00:46:12 Take My Wife
00:51:18 The Great British Bake Off
00:56:06 Occupied
00:57:55 The Canon: Press Your Luck Episode 188 (Michael Larson)
01:16:43 Winner and Loser of the Week
01:20:56 Game Time: Gold, Silver, Bronze
01:42:04 Outro

Show Notes