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EHG 120: Paying The Piper With Orange Is The New Black

Monty Ashley returns for a discussion of the prison dramedy's fourth season, plus Bob's Burgers and a critical Game Time!

Orange Is The New Black Season 4 dropped over the weekend, and Monty joined the panel to talk pacing, mental illness, casting churn, and dark turns. We went around the dial with The Girlfriend Experience, a Skin Wars spinoff ("skin-off"?), Samantha Bee, OJ, and series that should know when to end before they start. After we got juiced with a Bob's Burgers Canon submission, Younger won, a Game Of Thrones bastard (and viewers) lost, and hilariously passionate user reviews dictated Game Time. Get on the corrections bus for an all-new episode of Extra Hot Great!

Episode Rundown

00:00:00 Intro & Site Business
00:02:20 Orange Is The New Black
00:20:45 Sponsor: Tennis EHG Micro
00:23:45 Sponsor: Making The Sausage
00:24:45 The Girlfriend Experience
00:28:20 Skin Wars: Fresh Paint
00:32:20 Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
00:36:05 OJ: Made In America
00:40:00 Orphan Black and the finite series run
00:46:20 The Canon: Bob's Burgers Topsy
01:04:00 Winner and Loser of the Week
01:05:00 Game Time: Everyone's A Critic
01:41:40 Outro

Show Notes

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