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EHG 119: Tackling O.J.: Made In America

Stephanie Green returns to discuss the premiere of 30 For 30's special miniseries event.

Just when you thought you were O.J.ed out after American Crime Story, ESPN presents O.J.: Made In America, and we bring true crime aficionada Stephanie Green back to talk about the first episode! Around The Dial spins through Veep, The Real Housewives Of Orange County, the Tony Awards, Cop Rock, and another very culturally sensitive ad of yesteryear. Stephanie makes her case for the Happy Endings episode "The Shershow Redemption" to be inducted into The Canon, and then after crowning the week's Winner and Loser, Game Time takes us somewhere no one can year you scream. Get your podcast ready for the run of its life!

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Episode Rundown

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:00 O.J.: Made In America
00:20:45 Veep
00:25:30 The Real Housewives of OC
00:28:15 Tony Awards
00:31:50 Cop Rock
00:36:00 Good Year
00:37:00 The Canon: Happy Endings The Shershow Redemption
00:57:45 Winner and Loser of the Week
00:59:55 Game Time: Spaaace II: The Spacening
01:13:30 Outro

Show Notes