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EHG 111: Delivering A Suspenseful Beating To The Walking Dead

New guest Daniel MacEachern and returning champion Omar Gallaga join us to talk about an apocalyptic cliffhanger!

As The Walking Dead closes Season 6 in a pretty open-ended way, both returning guest Omar Gallaga and newcomer Daniel MacEachern join the chorus of outrage. Liv tells us all about the last episode of Face Off before the "pemi-finale," and then it's on to Around The Dial, with stops at Call The Midwife, Horace And Pete, Scandal, Vinyl, and an important ad from the McDonald's archives. Danny makes a bold pitch for the induction into the Canon of an episode of The Newsroom...but it's "The Kevorkian Joke," from the Canadian show with that title that has nothing to do with Aaron Sorkin. We name an unexpected Winner and Loser, and then play a (non-regulation) Game Time you'll have trouble dancing to. Set down your barb wire-wrapped baseball bat for a few minutes and join us!

Episode Rundown

00:00:00 Intro & Site Business
00:02:20 The Walking Dead
00:23:45 Face Off Report
00:26:35 Sponsor: Happy Birthday
00:27:50 Call The Midwife
00:31:15 Horace And Pete
00:34:55 Scandal
00:37:00 Vinyl
00:39:45 The McDLT
00:41:25 Sponsor: Happy Birthday
00:42:25 The Canon: The Newsroom The Kevorkian Joke
01:05:00 Winner and Loser of the Week
01:07:25 Game Time: Unsung Themes
01:29:05 Outro

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