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EHG 96: The Marvel-ous Jessica Jones

John Ramos and Nick Rheinwald-Jones (no relation) get punchy talking comic-book charisma, and co-pitching a Canon!

Let's get this Joe on the road: with Reid off for the week, we asked esteemed colleagues John and Nick to join us for a discussion of Netflix's Jessica Jones, whether it works as a Veronica McNulty PI show of its own, and who Wil Traval reminds us of. The Blotter Presents scratched your Panettiere itch with an Amanda Knox movie before we went around the dial with bullshit dream-sequisodes, Britcoms, How To Get Away With Murder, nutty Thanksgiving Day programming, and Dave's suggestion for the next TV/comics adaptation. Nick and John tag-teamed a heisty half hour of Brooklyn 99 for their Canon presentation, and we deemed a couple of farewells Winner and Loser before Tara rolled out a very learned non-regulation Game Time. From all of us Agents Of E.H.G., we're thankful you're listening to an all-new Extra Hot Great.

Episode Rundown

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:00 Jessica Jones
00:21:20 Sponsor: Raisins: The Official Fruit Of EHG
00:22:30 The Blotter Presents: Amanda Knox: Murder On Trial In Italy
00:26:30 The Leftovers
00:29:00 Catastrophe S2 / Together
00:31:45 The Comeback Kid
00:33:30 Thanksgiving marathons
00:36:20 The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
00:39:00 The Canon: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween II
00:58:30 Winner and Loser of the Week
01:01:00 Game Time: TV Is My Friend Who Reads Books To Me That Do Not Exist
01:22:00 Outro