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EHG 91: Raiding The Mini Bar With American Horror Story: Hotel

The gang talks AHS's latest bonkers chapter -- and because we felt a vacancy, an old friend is back.

That's right, listeners: Joe "Awardsy" Reid is back in the permanent Extra Hot Great rotation, as the gang (of four!) checks into American Horror Story: Hotel. When will the show lose most of us this season? What's with that kid looking like Noah Syndergaard? And are we gaga for Gaga? Then we ordered up some room service with the Face Off report, bitched about Jason Mann in our Project Project Greenlight segment, and went around the dial with Jane The Virgin, The Walking Dead, Casual, and Sleepy Hollow. Joe made a list! Abby Lee Miller got indicted! David took us on an Adventure Time with his Canon submission! But just how happy is Joe's reunion with Game Time? He says he's just honored to be nominated; we're very glad he's back, on an all-new Extra Hot Great.

Episode Rundown

00:00:00 Intro
00:03:30 American Horror Story: Hotel
00:23:00 Face Off Report
00:28:45 Project Project Greenlight
00:41:45 Sponsor: Fort Awesome Hawaii
00:43:20 Jane The Virgin
00:45:10 Casual & TV's Hot Jerks
00:51:45 Sleepy Hollow
00:54:25 The Walking Dead
00:56:15 The Canon: Adventure Time Rainy Day Daydream
01:24:25 Winner and Loser of the Week
01:26:50 Game Time: It's An Honor
02:10:00 Outro

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