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EHG 67: Orphan Black Marks

EHG returns from a tech meltdown with clones, superheroes, and Jeff Alexander, who is one of those things!

Our Orphan Black and Daredevil correspondent, Jeff Alexander, returns to talk boy clones, beatings, and Buntsy's boneheaded DB Cooper theory. Liv submitted her final Face Off report of the season, and we all learned something about corporate synergy. Then we went Around The Dial with the Justified finale (approved), the Daredevil renewal (approved), Catfish's obviously imminent end (should be approved), and some TV Canadiana ("Meat!") before bending an elbow for Jeff's Canon submission, Cheers's "Simon Says." Galaxy Quest goes to TV, Baffleck's foot goes in his mouth, and Game Time gets a see-plus in an Extra Hot Great worth waiting for.

Episode Rundown

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:25 Orphan Black
00:12:15 Coop! There He Is!
00:15:20 Liv's Face Off Report
00:22:35 Justified
00:26:55 Daredevil
00:29:25 Catfish
00:34:40 Mom P.I. & Meat!
00:35:50 The Canon: Cheers S05.E21 Simon Says
00:49:00 Winner and Loser of the Week
00:50:05 Game Time: The Invisible Man
01:09:50 Outro

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