Sherlock's resting fart face. Photos: CBS,; Illustration: Previously.TV

EHG 57: Holmes Sweet Holmes

Allison Lowe Huff helped us investigate Elementary.

Our esteemed colleague Allison Lowe Huff joined us to discuss a recent major arc on Elementary, and why the Sherlock Holmes-verse is so durable. After Liv reported on Face Off and the dietary preferences of lion sunflower creatures, we considered whether Dave would hate Syfy Greek-myth drama Olympus, mourned the once-great Sleepy Hollow, compared The Americans and Allegiance, and set sail with Vikings, before a (final?) round of Bunting vs. Bunting. David Dickerson endured a Star Trek: TNG episode to submit it for the Nonac before we declared a winner, a loser, and another loser. Who won the elaborate and awesome 25,000 Dave Point Pyramid-esque Game Time? Which Bunting prevailed? Will Dave follow Matt Frewer anywhere? Get a clue with an all-new Extra Hot Great.

Meh Production Note: Sarah's audio sounds like she's in a tin can, sorry.
Yay Production Note: All the audio should be louder now (I hope, this isn't my forte) and more even.

Episode Rundown

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:20 Elementary
00:15:20 Liv's Face Off Report
00:20:20 Will Dave Hate This? Olympus
00:27:30 Sarah Bunting vs Sarah D. Bunting
00:30:35 Sleepy Hollow
00:34:15 The Americans / Allegiance
00:39:00 Downton Abbey
00:42:30 Vikings
00:45:00 The Nonac: Star Trek: The Next Generation S02.E22 Shades Of Gray
01:01:10 Winner and Loser of the Week
01:03:00 Game Time: Eary Similarities
01:53:00 Outro

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