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EHG 50: The A&E Afternoon-Programming Canon

The gang nominates their favorite NewsRadio, Northern Exposure, and Law & Order eps.

Once upon a time, long ago (read: "the early aughts"), before the tyranny of Duck Dynasty, A&E really was about art and entertainment -- viz. their weekday-afternoon "rock block" of enjoyable classics. NewsRadio, Northern Exposure, and Law & Order: Mothership helped the gang while away many a dull PM at their desks. Today, we nominate favorites from each show for Canon consideration, and fondly remember Phil Hartman, Joel Fleischman's mullet, and that halcyon time before Michael Moriarty went bonkers and started running for king of countries he isn't a citizen of. Do you agree with our decisions? Hop in Extra Hot Great's daytime-TV time machine.

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