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EHG 43: Madam Secretary's Diplomatic Immunity Is Revoked

Allison Lowe Huff joins us to talk Madam Secretary, Star Trek: TNG, and charisma vacuums.

Our esteemed colleague and EHG first-timer Allison Lowe Huff headed up the Madam Secretary discussion committee this week before Liv and Dave filed reports on Face Off and Billy Eichner, respectively. We also put a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode to a vote ( Tenagra), tried to solve The Mysteries Of Laura, and fell for Gravity Falls before taking a trip through fictional small-town America during Game Time. Is Space Louis a real place? What does "Shaka" mean? And is Tea Leoni really our most underrated actress? Join us for state dinner and a movie on Extra Hot Great.

Episode Rundown

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:00 Madam Secretary
00:11:45 Gravity Falls
00:14:30 Project Runway
00:16:30 Lucifer
00:17:15 The Mysteries Of Laura
00:19:30 Olivia's Face Off Report
00:24:30 Tiny Triumph
00:25:10 We Are All Domer
00:26:45 The Canon: Star Trek: The Next Generation S05.E02 Darmok
00:49:15 Winner and Loser of the Week
00:50:45 Game Time: Quirky Falls, USA
01:24:50 Outro