Does The Howards End Justify The Means?

Doree Shafrir weighs in on the decor porn and dialectics of the Starz miniseries, plus Big Little Lies for the Canon.

Buzzfeed's Doree Shafrir joins the panel this week for the latest filmed take on E.M. Forster's Howards End, and while we liked some things -- the casting; the memories of Witches Of East End occasioned by Julia Ormond -- not everything about the new iteration worked for us. We went Around The Dial with New Girl, Billions, Paterno, and Killing Eve before sinking our teeth into Big Little Lies S01.E05, "Once Bitten." Renewed shows won, cretins lost, and Tara put a song in our hearts with the next chapter of Tube Tunes for Game Time. Hail a carriage with wifi; it's an all-new Extra Hot Great.

Show Topics

  • Howards End
  • Around The Dial
    • New Girl
    • Billions
    • Paterno
    • Killing Eve
  • The Canon: Big Little Lies S01.E05 "Once Bitten"
  • Winner and Loser of the Week
    • Three new shows renewed for S2 before S1 premieres
    • Lifetime fires Weinstein Co., TJ Miller's bomb threat
  • Game Time: Tube Tunes Two

Show Notes

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