ER's First-Season Blooper Reel Will Make You Feel Weird For Laughing

But the 'rubber glove 1, Noah Wyle 0' battle happening in the background of a serious scene is funny!

What the hell? Pretty straightforward clip today: screw-ups from ER's first season. You'll find a lot of scenes from "Love's Labor Lost" here, which may not work for some of you for various triggerish or "not wanting to see how the sausage is made" reasons; I laughed, but I'm a pretty bad person.

How'd you find this...whatever this is? Straight Google, semi-inspired by doing a Drunk History catch-up-athon last night and enjoying Noah Wyle's performance as Thomas Nast.

Who cares? You forget, after years of watching medical dramas, just how hard it is to masticate those wads of jargon, never mind to make it sound natural. I'd also like to take a moment to appreciate Anthony Edwards, whose dry wisecracks make the reel for me. We watched him for years as Mark Greene, and between some milquetoasty writing the character got, the melodramatic demise that seemed to take years because it...basically did, and various other show issues that weren't the actor's fault, I for one was fine with his departure and didn't miss him -- and then was pleasantly surprised by his zingy supporting performance in Zodiac. He's under a crappy wig and nobody's necessarily looking to him in a given scene, but his "...oy" line deliveries and subtle snark are really good, and the pairing of his Armstrong with Mark Ruffalo's Toschi is Exhibit A in my grand unifying "David Fincher is the best at directing platonic/work-spouse relationships" theory.

I believe Edwards is in a "raising his family" zone at the moment and may not be into the idea of working on a prestige drama, but pretty much the only thing I liked about the turgid Zero Hour was him, and I kind of wish they'd put him in as the LT on SVU. I am...probably a crackpot.

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