A leg up. Jokes. We tell 'em! Screens: CBS

You're Going To Investigate In That?

Elementary's Holmes and Watson show us just how extensive a wardrobe crime-solving requires.

Elementary has always been a pretty dapper show. Whether it's Watson's seemingly endless and impossibly crisp wardrobe (it really appears that she's only allowed to wear an item of clothing once) or Holmes's buttoned-all-the-way-up shirts worn sans tie, the wardrobe department always nails it. In last night's "All In The Family," Holmes and Watson pulled out all the stops, modeling everything from eveningwear to pajamas as they investigated a mob crime that involved the NSA and police corruption.

Screens: CBS

Screens: CBS

Holmes and Watson look smashing as they locate the hidden compartment in a prosthetic leg. The compartment turned out to be filled with stolen Grey Poupon, explaining the need for the eveningwear.


After a long day you just want to slip into something comfortable. For Watson, that's the pajamas she used to wear to classes back when she was in college. For Holmes, it's a butcher's apron and PVC gloves. He would sleep in the gloves, but his hands get too sweaty.


When he does go to bed, Holmes wears a t-shirt referencing his favorite rap song of all time, "Rapper's Delight." (I'm hoping it's a reference to the Sugar Hill Gang song, not the Robbie Williams version.)


Watson, wearing a shirt that says "crème de la crème" is beneath you. I know you're just wearing it around the house, but still, you shouldn't. It's one step away from wearing sweatpants that read "JUICY" across the bum.


This roomful of detectives just got back from a trip to Men's Wearhouse. They were having a "buy one, get eight free" sale, so only one of the cops actually had to buy a suit. (Sweet deal!) The meeting was mostly about how they did in fact "like the way they looked."


Watson, never one not to dress for the occasion, throws on a fedora and channels James Cagney to conduct her investigation into the mafia. Next week, when they investigate a case about looted antiquities, Watson will be wearing a whip on her belt.


"Yeah, ya see. Yeah. Yeah. I'm diggin' through the garbage, ya see -- to get evidence, ya see. We gotta find this evidence, ya see, or it'll be curtains for us. Curtains!"

Accessory of the night: Rubber gloves. Whether latex or PVC, never leave the house without your rubber gloves. They go with everything!


A tux…


and a butcher's apron.

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