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Drunk History UK Is A Thing That Exists, And We've Collected The Clips Featuring People You've Maybe Heard Of!

Celebrate Independence Day with these clips from...that country we broke up with.

As my esteemed colleague Sarah D. Bunting discovers daily when researching Let's Go To The Videotape, you truly never know where a YouTube rabbit hole is going to dump you out. To wit: a search of YouTube for especially patriotic Drunk History clips for a post timed to this very 4th of July long weekend led me to an important discovery. There's...a Drunk History UK. Since I love famous original Drunk History, I dug in, and spent a good hour-plus watching every Drunk History UK clip YouTube had to offer, and here are my findings: the first season (or series, as they would probably call it) was a low-budget affair, in which neither the drunk historians nor any of their re-enactors was recognizable at all. Literally zero of them had ever been in front of my eyes before. And not only that, some of the stories weren't even told with re-enactors at all, but with cartoons. Why bother?!

However, Season 2 represents a great leap forward in terms of the Q factor of its participants, in that some of them were familiar to me! And might be to you too. Since I value your time, I have made a list of the most U.S. famous stars of Drunk History UK's second season, arranged here from least recognizable to most! Enjoy all this British foolishness with a Budweiser and a hot dog. Independence Day!

5. Sarah Alexander

There are not one but two Queen Elizabeth I stories in this collection, but only this one cast the Coupling alumna now married to Peter Serafinowicz.

4. Matthew Baynton

First, watch this clip of the You, Me, And The Apocalypse star playing the infamous Lord Byron.

Then honour his memory by buying your very own Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know T!

3. Jack Whitehall

The Fresh Meat star recently made his standup début on The Tonight Show -- but before that, he embodied QE1 slampiece Sir Walter Raleigh.

2. Charlotte Ritchie & Catherine Tate

A famous Brit twofer! DHUK's story of the British fairy hoax features not just The Office star Catherine Tate as Elsie Wright, one of the fairy fraudsters, but also the drunk narration of Charlotte Ritchie, star of Fresh Meat and Call The Midwife.

1. Anthony Stewart Head

Giles plays Nelson. You're welcome.