Dominion: Giles + Evil Angels Bent On Human Destruction = Shrug

Dave and Tara report on Syfy's sort-of sequel to Legion.

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Hello, I'm West Coast Editor Tara Ariano.
Hello, I'm David T. Cole.

The Talk

First thing we need to discuss about the Legion sequel series Dominion is what happened to Anthony Head's "Stewart." In the credits he's been de-Stewartized!
Maybe he only uses "Stewart" when he's rocking his real accent so may I just say BRING IT BACK.
American Giles isn't the worst accent on TV but it ain't the best.
We should probably explain why we're watching this at all, which is -- as listeners to the old podcast know -- you love Legion.
Yes, it was a fantastic mess of an action movie.
And Dominion is from the same "creative" team and also about angels but is only baaaaaarely in the same universe, as far as I can tell.
It's around twenty years later and round one of the big war between Humans and Angels is over. Humans took refuge behind walled cities, which is a great defensive strategy against winged creatures. Also, the "lesser angels" who can only possess humans can scales walls like spider monkeys, so again: walls...why bother.
Seriously. Put a roof on that shit. But that's just the first question of many about the city of Vega, formerly Las Vegas. For starters, what is powering all the unnecessary neon lights and animated signs? It's like these idiots have never seen a post-apocalypse before.
The first order of business in Vega was to carefully remove all the trademarks from the buildings on the strip. Then they had to get the fountain in front of the [OPULENT ITALIAN STRUCTURE] working again, then they had to convert [ROMAN THEMED CASINO] into the symbolic center of power. Then they polished all the neon. Then they built the wall.
Then they got to work on the local Lord's REAL Nazi-y uniform.
I guess the human existence isn't as ragtag-y as one would expect after a war with God's soldiers. I thought a nice touch would have been that the military repurposed staff uniforms from Caesar's Palace. The general's uniform could have been a bellhop's.
Can we talk about the delegation of visitors from...wherever? Because why were their outfits so vaginal.
Screens: Syfy

Screens: Syfy

Yeah, what old box from the '70s did they snatch those costumes from?
But that one little guy sure clit up the Situation Room!
I feel the same way about Dominion as I do about Penny Dreadful: it would be a lot better if it didn't take itself quite so seriously.
I feel the same way about it as I do about both Black Sails and Crossbones, which is quit dicking around with political crap and show us more of what your show is supposedly about. After that cold open, we didn't see any angels tearing stuff up for, like, another hour. GET ON WITH IT, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR ROMEO AND JULIET BS.
I just don't think that's so much to ask. I mean, I understand that if you only have the money for three CGI-heavy scenes, you have to fill the rest of the show with something, but then everything else is so boring, you could also just...not. With the show, at all.
It's like Last Resort. The disparity between the stakes of the A and B stories is waaaaaaay too pronounced. I'm quite interested in the potential armageddons, but less so in the local politics, which have no stakes in the face of said armageddon.
(It's funny that you mention Last Resort since, sidebar, that's what I was reminded of after we watched Dominion last night and put in the screener for The Last Ship -- I mean, I thought that before I fell asleep because it was so boring.)
Battlestar Galactica handled this well. All the local matters fell back into the larger picture in a way all these other shows are not doing. I still can't believe Last Resort had the fruit scene.
Well, I am probably done with Dominion after this -- you?
I'll watch a little more to see what the score is after the pilot. It would be nice if any of the leads developed a personality. The most dynamic trait of "the chosen one" was his moving tattoos.
Which told him not to trust anyone close to him -- which is also kind of an annoying warning in the PILOT when we haven't had a chance to know any of the characters well enough to care which of them isn't what he or she seems.
Between the loose alliance of city states, the near-extinction of humanity, the higher angels who can look like humans with the lower angels cannon fodder, the religious current running through everything, and the military-political tensions...I just really think the creator has a serious case of Battlestar Galactica envy.
So say we all.
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