Peter Falk Bellowing 'YOU Are A HOG' At Vince Vaughn Is A Dinner For Five Highlight

In an otherwise weak second episode.

If I had to pick a moment from the series run of Dinner For Five that everyone probably remembers, it's Peter Falk visibly restraining himself from slapping Vince Vaughn upside the head in S01.E02. I think he's actually even angrier the second time they both appear, but we'll get there; for now, let's have a look at their D45 debut, which aired months after the pilot. Another several months passed before Episode 3 aired, and if it was because IFC execs looked at Episode 2 and thought they'd made a sizable mistake, I can totally see it. Ep 2 isn't great.

An early chyron notes that this is the fastest episode they ever filmed, and it doesn't take long to figure out why; the vibe isn't comfortable. Vaughn's antic needling of Falk aside -- and I get that going too far is Vaughn's "thing" or whatever, but the peer-pressuring Falk to have a cigarette really rubbed me the wrong way, like, quitting that shit is hard as hell, so eyes on your own paper -- the group doesn't gel. Cheri Oteri seems very intimidated; many of the questions feel stiff, a desperate attempt to get a conversation going amongst guests who didn't really go together; I don't think Garry Shandling understands the concept, or maybe just isn't enjoying himself. Favs's earnest explanation of how critical Vaughn is to his writing process is typical of the awkwardness we really didn't see any of in the first episode.

I'd skip this one, if I were you, but...

How typical is it?

Dinner For Five-esque Element Present?
The guests Vince Vaughn, Garry Shandling, Cheri Oteri, Peter Falk
Rocky Marciano reference? Not yet.
Mrs. Parker reference? Not this one, either, although that's likely because...
Swingers/Made reference? ...60 percent of the people at the table were in Made and as much of the ep is devoted to talking about it.
Booking bust The Oteri/Shandling side of the table is not even trying to help the conversation along, while on the other side of the table, Vaughn is either wildly overcompensating for the tendency of exchanges to die in front of Shandling's iced tea, or he's really that oblivious to the room. Or he's on something.
Were we ever so young? Smoking at the table some more, although this is explained by a chyron as permissible because technically this is a film shoot, so the restaurant isn't bound by the usual codes.


And the cigar thing.


Favs mentions that they'd just finished a DVD commentary track for Made, and no doubt these are still a thing, but I can't remember the last time I bothered with one or heard anyone even mention one.

Shock is also expressed at the existence of puppy playdates, but the most interesting timestamp is Oteri observing that it's hard for funny women to get film roles, even coming out of SNL, because "people don't write for" that, so much as stories for the woman "to be adorable in." That's changed somewhat, albeit not enough.

Industry dish When Vaughn isn't talking over him, Falk has some cool factoids about working with John Cassevetes and funding A Woman Under The Influence. I loved that "man is God in ruins" quote.
Lissen lissen lissen [hic] I wouldn't swear to this in court, but I think Vaughn is altered. Unfortunately, he's the only one with the proper looseness for the situation.
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