Dinner For Five Is Always Making Gone With The Wind

In which Faizon Love does not exactly totally answer the question of whether he had to 'actually' put his head in a rhino's patoot.

Classic Dinner For Five: I add a category (Rudy/Replacements mentions), and Jon Favreau not only doesn't mention Rudy for possibly the first time in the season; he barely mentions any other project in the Show-o-Matic. Come on, Favs! That's the whole point of this rewatch! Well, that and finding spelling errors in the chyrons, and seriously, what is this misshapen monster of a career that I'm so confident "Rachel Leigh Cook" is misspelled. Damn you, WB Network.

Solid episode, though your mileage may vary vis-a-vis Saffron Burrows, whom I really liked in Law & Order: Criminal Intent: The Goldblumening -- but mostly it's the #moviessoWASPy discussion, and Faizon Love's seeming determination to piss off every African-American filmmaker of the early aughts, that makes it an interesting sit. But is it a typical Dinner?

Dinner For Five-esque Element Present?
The guests Burrows, Love, Michael Rapaport, Sarah Silverman
Rocky Marciano reference? Nope.
Mrs. Parker reference? Nope!
Swingers/Made reference? I thought I might have to count this one via Love's presence, but Favs does mention that he wrote Made on The Replacements.
Rudy/Replacements reference? Added these since at least one of them felt like it was coming up in every episode. Favs also met Love on The Replacements.
Booking bust I don't know why I expect Silverman to dominate the conversation more on D45, but while a lot of time is devoted to Love and Rapaport arguing about Spike Lee, Silverman serves good dish on ditching CAA (her agent responded to a call from The Larry Sanders Show wanting to see tape specifically of Silverman by saying, "We have a lot of girls") and how "they" don't want a Jewish woman to be the one who kisses the hero.
Were we ever so young? Love's cigar; the time when Rachael Leigh Cook was A Thing. (She's still working; it's just not stuff I've seen, and compared to the turn of the millennium when it felt like she was in literally everything except Bring It On, it feels relatively speaking like she vanished.)
Industry dish Burrows's Deep Blue Sea contract contained stipulations as to how high she could ask her wetsuit zipper to be positioned; Rapaport beat Favs out for Cop Land; when Love met Spike Lee, "the energy was fucked up" and he thinks Lee fucked up Malcolm X by inserting himself as the funny sidekick; Rapaport drags director Howie Deutch (who lately works mostly in prestige TV, but whose directorial debut was Pretty In Pink) for "jerking [him] off" about a role; Rapaport doesn't bother reading scripts with either "an animal in it" or 15 different writers listed, just his own parts.

Love's Ice Cube imitation probably didn't do him a ton of favors, net, but is hilarious.

Lissen lissen lissen [hic] Burrows seems tipsy by the end of the night, though that could just be a certain DGAF-ness European actors have that their American counterparts, even in the indie world and on a show only a handful of us were watching, can't achieve.
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