S. Epatha Merkerson Will Allow It, But You Better Be Going Somewhere

Who’s Suddenly Everywhere? S. Epatha Merkerson.

You Might Know Her From: Her 1000 seasons playing Lieutenant Anita Van Buren on Law & Order.

First Location Of [insect]Her Recent Campaign To Be Suddenly Everywhere:[/insect] As Judge Melanie Ellis on Sunday's episode of The Good Wife, which makes sense, since it's the 2010's answer to Law & Order in terms of eventually employing every single working New York actor.

Latest Location Of [insect]Her Recent Campaign To Be Suddenly Everywhere: [/insect]Débuting her recurring role as Beverly Padget, mother to series protagonist Joanna (Meagan Good), in last night's Deception (which, since we're on the subject, is better than you think! Really!).

Where We Propose She Could Next Be Suddenly Everywhere: Now that she's on a tear through New York-based TV productions, let's get her a recurring role on Royal Pains. Not that I have anything against Christine Ebersole's Ms. Newberg, but Merkerson would be delightful as a new love interest for Henry Winkler's Eddie.

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