Dawson's Creek S01: Dawson Tries To Film His First Kiss, Accidentally Shoots Child Pornography Of His Teenaged Best Friend

And other more accurate episode loglines for the first season of Dawson's Creek.

  • Dawson Acquires A Thesaurus, And Decides To Use It While Discussing Sexual Situations With His Peers; Jen Moves To Town, And The Entire Neighborhood Places Bets On Who'll Get To Sleep With Her First; Jurassic Park Poster Nearly Falls Off Dawson's Wall Due To Improper Amount Of Sticky Tack; Grams Teaches Jen How To Pray
  • Pacey Flirts With An Old Lady; Dawson's Film Accidentally Gets Thrown In A Microwave For Three Minutes And Fifteen Seconds, But He Doesn't Seem To Notice, Since His Film Quality Is, Naturally, Terrible
  • Dawson Tries To Film A Porno With Jen; Joey Predicts Her First Kiss Will Be Terrible; Pacey Orders Oysters For Dinner


  • Dawson Deals With The Aftermath Of Shooting Child Pornography Of His Best Friend; Joey Is Forced To Watch Slow-Motion Video Of Jen For Hours; Dawson Angrily Doesn't Want To Get To Know "Bob" -- His Step-Father To Be, If Gail Plays Her Cards Right
  • A Hurricane Hits Capeside, And Everyone Gets Real Mad About It
  • Pacey's Sexual Misadventures Are The Talk Of The School, And Everyone Is Impressed By How Manly And Powerful He Is; Joey Has To Come Face To Face With Her Biggest Fear: Placenta; Grams Acts Cool For Once
  • Joey Cries In The School Library Because Of Teen Feelings; Dawson's Basketball Skills Are Positively Mortifying; Pacey Masturbates In Public; Dawson's Jurassic Park Poster Falls Down Once Again


  • Dawson Tries To Add A Vest To His Wardrobe; Joey Drinks One Beer And Accidentally Meets A Chunky Fabio Impersonator
  • Joey And Jen Try To Be Friends, But It Doesn't Really Work Since They Have Two Different Hair Colors; Dawson Listens To Savage Garden Hits While Staring Out A Window; Joey Is Still A Virgin
  • Boring Stuff Is Still Happening Between Dawson's Parents; Capeside High Offers Marine Biology; Joey And Pacey's Teacher Illustrates An Anus On The Chalkboard
  • Just Skip This Episode, It's A Dumb Halloween One
  • Joey Puts A Dress On And Everyone Realizes She's A Girl; No Longer Popular For Sleeping With A Teacher, Pacey Tries To Do Stuff For Attention; Everyone Accidentally Eats Vaseline
  • Grams's House Starts To Smell Like A Decomposing Body; Dawson Buys His Very First Shady Motel Room Ever, With His Own Allowance; Pacey Reflects On His PeeWee Baseball Career; Turns Out, Joey's Actually Pretty Unlikable


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