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Finally, The Definitive Ranking Of True-Crime Newsmagazine Hosts You've Been Clamoring For!

Stephanie Green ranks the five most intriguing Dateline NBC and 48 Hours correspondents and anchors, based on how endearing she finds their respective tics!

  1. Troy Roberts
    He sounds like a robot doing a Shatner impression. He also never smiles. Trying to pass for human is exhausting, I guess? Troy's trying SO HARD to seem human starting at about 1:18 in this clip, bless his robot heart.
  2. Erin Moriarty
    I enjoy Moriarty's gravelly voice and steely blue gaze. Also, I'm pretty sure I would wither under her no-bullshit questioning. She's legit.

  3. Lester Holt
    Holt's not a correspondent -- he's the Dateline anchor -- but his three-piece suits add a certain gravitas to the proceedings that I greatly enjoy. Makes me feel all fancy just looking at him. My husband and I refer to him as "Hester Lolt" and I expect everyone in the world to now follow suit.

    I so badly want to do this to Lester Holt:

  4. Keith Morrison
    "Well..." "You know how young love can be." "You remember the one: that shoe that was left behind." "Bluff Springs is the kind of place folks like to raise their families." None of these are actual Keith Morrison quotes (except for the first one, obviously) but can't you just HEAR his voice when you read them? OF COURSE YOU CAN. Not only is Morrison's weird, drawl-y narration style legendary (at least in my household), but, in case you needed another reason to be intrigued, he's also a secret Canadian.

    I rest my case.

  5. Maureen Maher
    It was a close tie for first between Maher and Keith Morrison, but ultimately, I had to go with my girl Maureen as my favorite, weird host. The awkward, unvarying hand placement, the perma-leather jacket, the maybe-it's-a-wig hairdo, the fact that she's from Metro Detroit (just like moi!). It all adds up to a big, fascinating win for me. I want to know so much more about Maureen. Like, does she always stand with her hands like that, or is there a Maher "at ease" position? Is she in an all-lady-journalist biker gang? Why is she always hanging out in an empty warehouse with tasteful lighting? Who styles her bangs? AND OTHER QUESTIONS.


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