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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Gets A Boost From A Broadway Legend

Will it leave her high-flying adored, or crying for Argentina?

I feel a little bad now in my criticism of the last couple of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend episodes, and especially the reunion of Rebecca and Josh. It's clear now that the writers know what they're doing and are playing a long game toward -- dare I say it? -- Rebecca's self-awareness and mental health?

I was won over from the start as Heather pointed out to the barfy pair that "studies have shown that couples who post a lot on social media are often insecure about their attachment."

Then Valencia of all people is more concerned about Rebecca than she is upset about them being back together. "Josh is all over the place and lost....He's not magic." Even Father Brah wonders if Josh is putting too much stock in the relationship.

Then, when Rebecca returns home to Scarsdale for a cousin's bar mitzvah, we get the extremely welcome return of Tovah Feldshuh as Rebecca's mom (who opens the door in her bra: "I forgot you were bringing the oriental") and Audra Levine (of the JAP Battle). I'd've been perfectly happy with nothing more than Mrs. Bunch walking in on Rebecca and Josh making out and calmly stating that she'd seen worse, singing a reprise of "Period Sex." Or her bonding with Josh because he, too, gives good parent, and trying to get him to correctly pronounce "challah" ("he'll never get it, he's a Pacific Islander" -- they changed each other, you guys!). Or Rebecca's reminder that she's met Audra's husband before and he "finished quick, rotten lay." Dayenu.

But the powers that be, in their infinite wisdom, give us Patti Fucking LuPone as the Bunches' rabbi.

Rebecca believes that the east coast is "dark and sad," and that everything at home is terrible. She tries to explain it to Josh. "Do you remember the ceremony? They made a 13-year-old boy say the kaddish. That's a prayer for the dead. People like us only know how to be miserable." Judaism, in Rebecca's mind, is all about suffering and misery.

Now it's time to celebrate.
Grab a drink and fix a plate.
But before you feel too great,
Remember that we suffered.
Nights like these are filled with glee.
Noshing, dancing, singing, whee!
But we sing in a minor key
To remember that we suffered!
Being happy is selfish,
Remember that we suffered.
You have no idea what pain is,
Remembered that we suffered...

The sweet and the bitter,
Remember that we suffered.
Streisand and Hitler,
Remember that we suffered.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend just accomplished in three minutes what Transparent has been hammering away at for three seasons.

So she doesn't understand how Josh can possibly be having fun without her. She thought having him there would shield her from everything she hates about being home, but it's actually made it worse, because he's having a perfectly good time and doing things she can't or won't do, like getting along with her mother and bonding with Audra's dumb husband. So not only is she still miserable, Josh won't even validate her. How dare he have fun at a party?

And then comes the moment some people (almost certainly Rachel Bloom) long for in real life: Patti Fucking LuPone sits her down and talks some sense into her. "Rebecca, a people is not responsible for your life, you are....This stuff, this town, these people, they're you. And if you hate that stuff, you hate yourself. And if you hate yourself, it doesn't matter how great your boyfriend is. You'll always be unhappy."

And for once, it sinks in. No more selfies with Josh to prove to everyone on social media how happy she is. Back in therapy in West Covina, she's so close to a breakthrough that Dr. Akopian cancels the entire rest of her day and is crying with joy.

And then Josh, presumably assisted by his new adopted Jewish mother Mrs. Bunch (who likes that he softens some of Rebecca's sharp edges, which is actually really sweet), shows up with a ring and proposes and Rebecca says yes. You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?

But we were so close! And it took a shtetl. Patti Fucking LuPone got her most of the way there, but Heather, Valencia, Dr. Akopian, and even Audra Levine were a part of Rebecca's realization.

The B-plot is similarly on theme, with the entire office I-Am-Spartacusing behind Darryl when Nathaniel tries to shut him out of the firm. In the end, even they bond a little.

But seriously, you guys. Patti Fucking LuPone.

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