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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Finds A New Way To Give Good Parent

Rebecca loses someone else's child, but gains so much more, on a very special (not really) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

After kicking off the season with a run of really exceptional episodes and songs, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returns from its holiday break into bit of a midseason slump. There's nothing wrong with this episode: it's just that expectations have been raised in recent weeks. But this edition did have me gasping so loudly that my boyfriend heard me from another room through a closed door, writing "NOPE NOPE NOPE" in my notes, and crying by the end, so it's not like I wasn't invested. But just how Crazy Ex-Girlfriend-ish is it?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend-ish Element Present?
It's Friendship! Friendship! I think it's a given now that this is what this show is about, but I love how they keep exploring new dimensions in it and surprising me with where this story goes. In this week's opening scene, it seems that Paula and Scott have smoothed things over since we last saw them, and things are humming along as well as they ever have at home, with Paula studying while doing dishes and Scott making the kids' lunches -- ineptly, but hey, there's food in bags. But then Scott drops the bomb that he slept with Tanya from work, and Paula kicks him out, and later has an epic (though not unjustified) meltdown at work.

It's too bad that this is what it takes, but it's also such a relief when Rebecca later comes to Paula's house and finally, really, apologizes: "I'll say it first because I should. I was more wrong. I was the more wronger one. (That's horrible grammar do not emulate that grammar.) Look, you said to me at my house that I didn't support you. You were right. Every time we talk, I'm really just thinking about myself, I'm thinking about the next piece of advice to ask you for, and I never think about you, so let me think about you now. I love you, and I'm here to help."

Rebecca Ruins Everything It all works out in the end, but I'm counting this because losing a child is right up there. In addition to the apology, Rebecca offers to take care of Tommy (Paula's younger son -- Brendan runs away at the beginning of the episode and everyone shrugs him off as a lost cause anyway) so that Paula can go on a law school field trip. Despite having zero parenting or even babysitting skills, Rebecca does sort of okay, given that she only gave herself the low bar of keeping Tommy alive, and that Tommy is Paula's kid and can pretty well take care of himself. But when circumstances "require" her to go to Spiders' to find Josh, she gets Tommy a fake ID and brings him along, and then loses him while hiding from Anna.

When Rebecca returns to the Proctors', she finds that Paula has come home early, and Tommy is already there too, covering admirably for both himself and Rebecca. But Rebecca tells Paula the truth: "I put your son at risk, I put our family at risk. And I completely understand if you don't want to be friends anymore."

Paula Is The Best Paula's response to Rebecca's heartfelt admission of guilt? "Did anything happen to him in the club? Did anyone 'interfere' with him in the bathroom? Did he do any drugs? ...So he just ran around a club and took an Uber home? Honey, I lost him for an entire weekend at the mall once. He was living in the Barnes & Noble, he was so happy there." Paula. Is. The. Best.






Josh Is Even Dumber Than He Looks Meanwhile, Josh is modeling in a fashion show at the club with models picked from local businesses. He somehow thinks this could be a big "career move" for him. It's not that I don't buy that Josh could be a model, or would want to be (though this is the first indication of it), but does he think modeling agencies send scouts to mall fashion shows? I guess maybe? You know who definitely wants nothing to do with mall fashion shows? Anna -- who, on her first visit to West Covina in the whole time she and Josh have been dating, realizes that she and Josh are not a match. Duh?

Plus, when Josh asks his boss to take a selfie of him, the boss points out that this is no longer a selfie, to which Josh replies, "It's a picture with myselfie, so it's a selfie. How do you not see that?"

Josh Is Smarter Than He Looks Earlier in the episode, Josh runs into Rebecca in the supermarket. It's the first time they've seen each other since Electric Mesa, but it's not nearly as awkward as it could be. They both say they want to be friends and are surprisingly mature about it all. Josh mentions that he's getting a cold, so Rebecca has soup sent to him, and after Anna leaves, he realizes that Rebecca was always there for him, and that he took her nurturing for granted. Rebecca did a lot of wrong and bad things where Josh was concerned and I do NOT want them to get back together, but I also can't argue with this side of it. Good for Josh for finally noticing.
Women Gotta Stick Together Josh shows up at Paula's house and asks if they can go somewhere and talk. Paula, seemingly sincere, says she's fine and Rebecca should go. There's no drama, no sense of the old scheming, just Paula recognizing that this is important. But Rebecca, even more essentially (and to my own personal relief), says no! "I have to take care of my family. I'm a mom now, and I have other priorities." She sends a befuddled Josh away and stays with a grateful Paula. I'm so glad these two are back together I'm not crying you're crying!
Heather's Joy Is Infectious Okay, maybe not joy exactly, and we probably shouldn't use the word "infectious" either, since her first line of the episode is at a Miss Douche appearance at the club, where she tells a fan, "I am not a doctor so I cannot diagnose your...situation, but thank you for all of your detail."

While helping look for Tommy in the club, Rebecca's main concern is the way Paula will never forgive her. Heather: "Totally. I think you meant to say you're upset a kid is missing?"

And when Heather and Rebecca get trapped in a bathroom stall while Josh and Anna have sex, Rebecca can't believe this is happening to her again, but Heather figures she may as well enjoy the show: "Oh, he's nasty. I totally get it now, girl. Good for you."

(Also, Heather-adjacent points for Tommy asking of a Miss Douche stand-up in the store, "Why is your friend on a sign for the thing my mom calls my dad?")

Delightful Tertiary Character Is Delightful MRS. HERNANDEZ SPEAKS! I gasped! I made a GIF. I GIF GASPED.



Rebecca is as shocked as I was, to which Mrs. H replies, "I talk all the time. You're too busy staring at the Narcissus pond of your bewitching self to notice." Ouch!

Tim also returns this week, and while he's far from delightful (his thoughtlessness is what sets off Paula's office rant), I do enjoy the continuity of having him around. He's also not wrong about the challenge of filling ice trays ("the water splooshes around and how am I supposed to open the door while I'm holding a shaky tray of water?"). But why would he put them back in the freezer empty? Leave them out on the counter or no one will know! Come on, that's passive-aggressive laziness 101.

White Josh Is The Cutest I think we're going to have to change this from "the cutest" to "the snarkiest" or "the most practical." White Josh is steadily becoming the real voice of reason in this group, especially now that Greg is gone. If he weren't gay I'd be shipping him and Heather very hard. And he remains a good friend; he sees what's coming as soon as the fashion show starts and tries to get Anna out.
Quirk Alert Even though she breaks her silence, Mrs. Hernandez definitely fills this slot, especially since she goes back to only shrugging once Paula leaves the room.
Pop Song Parody After a run of really stellar songs, this week's two pop parodies leave me cold.

They're not bad, they just don't grab me in the same way. They don't seem as specific as the last few satires, but maybe I just missed the references. And while they do move the story forward, they didn't seem as essential as "You Go First," "Friendtopia," or "It Was A Shit Show" did.

Musical Theatre/Disney Song Parody Nope, though there is a perfectly executed (if obvious) "Tommy, can you hear me" joke.
Break That Fourth Wall No, but when Tommy says he wants to see boobs, Rebecca patiently tells him that "boobs are really just sacks of yellow fat" and not worth getting worked up over, which is a nice callback to "Heavy Boobs."
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