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Guys Know What Guys Like

Cougar Town tells us how Bro Day got its name.

Cougar Town does a lot of things well, but one it arguably deserves the most credit for is that it's defined its characters so carefully and well that it can put any two characters together and give them interesting stuff to do that's (a) determined by what we already know about them and (b) deepens our understanding of each of them. That's a long way of saying that this week's episode finds Grayson and Andy alone in their plotline (and no, I don't count Tom; they wouldn't!), which isn't something we see a lot, and which really works.

Andy gets spun off from his usual scene partners, Bobby and Ellie, because the former has been conscripted into trying to convince a soon-to-graduate Travis that he needs to give some thought to his future, and the latter is working on getting Stan into private school, a project that makes Andy too emotional about the passage of time and all that "Cat's In The Cradle" business. Andy ends up at Grayson's bar to mope, and Grayson reluctantly gets involved, only to realize that Andy's problem is exactly the sort that Grayson can solve.

Andy, as a mostly cowed married guy, doesn't have big ideas about what to do with his day: he supposes he'll put on his "cozy pants" and wear them to "get an oil change." First of all, Andy, that's madness. You put on your cozy pants and wear them on the couch -- that's where naps happen! But Grayson fills Andy's head with tales of the exploits he's enjoyed with some of his other guy friends (that we've never met), like breaking into Gloria Estefan's house and taking a photo with her Grammy: "Not the award; her grandmother was housesitting." (Hee.)

So Grayson is going to jump Andy into the fraternity of married guys who rage when their wives are busy by sharing a Bro Day with him: whatever crazy, wild thing Andy wants to do, they're going to do it! Andy doesn't seem that excited at first (maybe because he doesn't realize that making a hilarious cat video is in his immediate future!), and asks if they have to call it Bro Day, which...yes, they do.

"I used to call it Dudes On The Down Low, but it turns out that means something else."
- Grayson Ellis -
Cougar Town
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