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Another Seinfeld Girlfriend Comes To Cougar Town

When Michael Ausiello of TVLine reported that Ali Wentworth has been cast on Cougar Town as a girlfriend for Tom (his first that we've met -- and, given how Tom is, maybe his first, full stop), he noted that she'd famously played Jerry's girlfriend, Shmoopy, on the "Soup Nazi" episode of Seinfeld. He didn't note that Wentworth will be the third Seinfeld love interest to appear on Cougar Town: Courteney Cox played the woman who pretended to be Jerry's wife to get a discount on her dry cleaning, and Christa Miller Lawrence (pre-Lawrence) played a lingerie executive George sexually harassed, thus losing himself a job at her company. (And if Seinfeld hadn't gone off the air, Busy Philipps, Nicole Sullivan, and Colette Wolfe probably would have aged into the range George and Jerry would have dated.)

Without knowing anything about where Cougar Town might be going in its fourth season, some sitcom journeywomen deserve* to follow Cox, Miller Lawrence, and Wentworth onto the cul-de-sac. Are some of these roles a reach? HEY, WHAT ARE YOU, COUGAR TOWN CREATOR KEVIN BIEGEL? WHAT DO YOU CARE?

  • Jane Leeves as Jules and Grayson's wedding planner
  • Michelle Forbes as Ellie's hated sister
  • Vicki Lewis as Barb's new business partner
  • Jessica Hecht as a bank loan officer who forecloses on Bobby's boat
  • Janeane Garofalo as Travis's Poli Sci prof
  • Lisa Edelstein as Jules's backup therapist
  • Maggie Wheeler as a "Mommy" with whom Bobby explores Adult Babyhood
  • Kristin Davis as Jules and Grayson's sexual surrogate
  • Brenda Strong as Sue Ellen Mischkie, the heiress to the Oh Henry fortune
  • Alex Kapp Horner as Stan's modeling agent
  • Kelly Coffield as Jules's (and Andy's) waxer
  • Melanie Chartoff, in old-age makeup, as Jules's mother, who never actually died?!??!

Deserve is why Teri Hatcher of "they're real, and they're spectacular" is not on this list, because fuck her.