Songs In The Key Of Cheers

Everyone knows the theme song, but Cheers went musical on many other occasions. Here's your ultimate countdown!

You know what everybody knows? Your name. You know what else everybody knows? The Cheers theme song "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" -- or, at least, the verse that played over the show's opening titles. But, realistically enough where that much alcohol is concerned, there were many times the Cheers patrons broke into song. Unfortunately, not all of them can be found online -- I would have liked to include Lillian the UK waitress leading the bar in a rendition of "The White Cliffs Of Dover," as well as Lilith's droning, endless performance of "My Funny Valentine." (Although, on that latter front, I at least have Frasier's ultimate reaction to it.) But after much searching, here's a countdown of the best Cheers musical numbers the internet has to offer. Raise a glass and sing along!

7. Lollipop

It's such a ridiculous song, but come on; it's Norm and Cliff.

6. Hey There

The performance isn't anything special, but Frasier's prissy self-enjoyment makes it worth a watch. Plus Lilith's analysis of Frasier's karaoke compulsion is delightfully TMI.

5. You'll Never Walk Alone

Only Diane could bring in Rodgers and Hammerstein for the conclusion of an episode involving Carla's money troubles, but thank God she did: this is an epic performance, and Carla playing along in a manner that starts at ironic and goes to at least half-sincere adds some nice character work to the whole thing.

4. Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly

Surely the one that everyone remembers best, and my favorite part is still Kelly's dad's mixture of disdain and positive bafflement as it plays out.

3. Albania!

Coach may not have been the sharpest tool in any shed, but he was on to something when he joined factual learning and music association. I have no idea if Albania still lists chrome as its chief export, but I have Coach to thank for still remembering that it was in 1985.

2. The Nanny G Appearance

Emma Thompson's appearance as Nanny G, Frasier's theretofore-undisclosed first wife, gave us two hilarious songs, so she seems deserving of the No. 2 spot. (555-6792 is also to this day the only phone number I can recite from song other than 867-5309.)

1. The Full Theme Song

This is a bit of a cheat, because it played over a montage in honor of the show's 200th episode rather than being sung by any of the show's characters. But for being only two and a half minutes long, the montage gives you a pretty good sense of the whole show. Plus, for the early '80s, the lyrics are BANANAS. Enjoy!