Chasing Life Has Given April A Support Team, But How Supportive Will They Be?

On the eve of April's month-long course of chemotherapy (and the Chasing Life midseason finale), we've ordered the people around her on a scale of useful to useless.

After an interesting start, Chasing Life hasn't quite convinced me to stick with it past its midseason finale next week, but I'm at least curious to see how they leave things off, particularly given that the episode is going to revolve around April taking a month off work/her life for in-patient chemotherapy.

While we wait for that finale, how about some judgment? Now that we've had nine episodes to get to know them, who's going to be the MVP of April's chemo support team? I've ranked the characters from first to worst.

1. Sara

Of course April's going to be able to count the most on her mom, as most people who've either been or had a mom would agree. I like the way the season has brought Sara along to her current level of...not acceptance of April's cancer, since that would be just a bit cold and resigned, but her empathy for what April's going through and flexibility to make herself available in ways that April will need. This is a nice lady with her daughter's best interests at heart, not to mention lots of scarves she can lend after April loses her hair.

2. George

The (pediatric) oncologist would probably rank higher on this particular list if not for the fact that April has a mother. Of course, given recent developments, maybe the two of them will work as their own special team....

3. Beth

Poor Beth has been burdened longer than anyone else with the terrible knowledge of April's disease, and while she's been an amazing friend to April through it all -- learning about April's disease in order to be of service, encouraging her to go easy on herself -- Beth has been in a pretty terrible position for most of it. I appreciated that the latest episode showed the toll it can take to be a caregiver, too.

4. Grandma Emma

A grandmother who will make you prescription-grade pot brownies as you head off for chemo is a grandmother who merits grateful appreciation (and your offer to share).

5. Raquel

Though she's mostly been bitchy to April, I thought the two characters got a nice moment in the elevator in this penultimate episode, with April noting that Raquel hasn't treated her any differently since finding out April was sick, and Raquel explaining that it's how she'd want to be treated. April hasn't tried to trade on her illness at work, remaining laser-focused on staying on her career track, and given what we saw of Raquel's reaction to April's column, it seems like Raquel recognizes and appreciates April's professionalism and will keep it in mind in the future.

6. Leo

I'm expecting April's come-to-Jesus declaration about his refusing surgery will lead to a change of heart from him and preserve the love triangle, but even so, Leo's probably not going to be a lot of help to April given that he' his own problems to deal with.

7. Dominic

Dominic's had the least time of anyone in the cast to digest April's diagnosis, and even if he ditches his current assignment and races to her bedside, I have to think it's going to take him some time to figure out how to deal with the new reality of their relationship (not to mention the fact that it was kind of/mostly built on lies).

8. Brenna

Ugh, Brenna. You are useless to everyone everywhere. Forget the fancy private school you're so embarrassed about: find yourself a boarding school and get off my TV.

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