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Nev Schulman Is TV's Most Optimistic Man, And This Supercut Proves It

The Catfish host just really believes in love, you guys.

Admittedly, MTV's Catfish wouldn't work if it were hosted by someone who didn't at least do a passable job of convincing the audience that he believed its lovelorn internet chatters probably weren't being tricked by an army of C+ identity thieves. Which is why, I assume, host Nev Schulman spends so much of each episode convincing himself, and us, and the show's various marks are about to find true love with the people they trust have good reasons not to want to videochat. Does Schulman really have this much faith in humanity? Maybe not. Does he fake it at least as well or maybe even better than the liars his show nearly always exposes? You be the judge!


Via Vulture