Nev And Max Aren't The Only Things That Are Tired In The Catfish Visual Aids

All the misguided tats and Max frowns you can imagine in the most significant screenshots from 'Nicole & Nicole'!

The Two Old Hookers podcast that goes with these Visual Aids are like, "Cool, a hot chick."

Jenga! ...Which, for the record, nobody actually says, so I guess Parker Brothers didn't give permission.

There's so much try-hard happening here, you actually can't even see it all (yes, Virginia, she has ear gauges).

Baby Nicole montage.

Nicole's MySpace is too punk rock for this.

The episode (and show) in a nutshell.

These frowns mean business.

You know, just your typical weekday kitchen makeup.

More baby Nicoles. Note how often she manages to get her hand in the shot so you can clock her so-alternative hand ink.

Try-hard twins assemble!

...The studded cardigan. Just stop. (Understand that, although you can't really tell in this shot, the entire shoulder is a super-uncomfortable-looking Mad Max array of points.)

Plane sushi seems like a great idea.

Ciro and Ricardo of Catfish Brasil are, for reasons, also on the case.

Good insight, Ricardo, thanks.

The international brain trust is, apparently, not unanimously pro-sock.

Because of course that's where one of this profile's friends works.

Oh word, Ryan?

Poor Ryan. The proportions of dimness and denial are sad even for this show.

Could be disapproval; could be a heroic attempt not to laugh in Ryan's face.

Ryan thinks deep thoughts while continuing to look like a friend of Sarah's to a disconcerting degree.

Sarah can't stop laughing at Max's face here.

Victim bonding hug.

The dream team assiduously ignores the rustling sound of Marilyn Manson filing an IP cease-and-desist.

In a park, where nothing good ever happens, Nicole is a bitch about it.

Arica singlehandedly ends the neon-hair trend.

Nicole is a bitch about it some more.

Seriously, these outfits. It's like there's a pop-up version of the store called Lukewarm Topic.

Contemplation on the victim couch.

This snotty shrug is the most Nicole's face moves all episode.

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