Max Can't Believe It's The Season Finale In The Catfish Visual Aids

And that's not the only thing he can't believe in this assemblage of important pics from 'Caitlyn & Kenton'!

The Two Old Hookers podcast that accompanies these Visual Aids is DEFINITELY having sex right now.

So unusual, in fact, that cameras were present.

What a coincidental unlikely chance meeting! Heck of a world!

Nev's "trainer." And not that people don't take pics with their personal-fitness liaisons, because they do, but when they do, this is not the face they make.

The kind of fussy cookie arrangement you think is going to get you five stars from your Airbnb clients but is really a waste of everyone's time.

Host co-eye-rolls, fully justified.

If the production can afford to help beloveds "jump on" planes, surely they can squeeze loose $15 to get Nev a hand facial.

King of the fuccbois.

This high a number of Carlos Danger bathroom selfies suggests Kenton's "training" for a career in porn.

Exactly, Maxie.

Kayce, we know you thought better of this dingus in the end, but for future ref: don't be liking shit that early in the morning.

A boy got flirty when he had a girlfriend?! Throw Max some pearls to clutch!

The sigh of Caitlyn's worst fears coming true.

And the resulting weepies, which we suspect are 90% embarrassment, versus emotional pain.

Not Max's best moment. She still has a mic pack on, jackass; that's bad enough.

Hating Kenton to his face.

Kenton, pre-pout.

Kenton, mid-mental scramble to recall which lie he told which lady.

Because toying with women semi-successfully is hilarious.

Kenton is no dummy and opts not to suggest a park. Not that anything good happens at cafes with names this nineties.

Our point. Here's the Kenton pout.

Max squelches a rage-giggle.

tfw it's been time to wrap up the meeting for like half an hour.

Nobody is able to make eye contact with anybody else. Not shown/heard: Kenton's awkward and angry slapping of his own arm.

The flourish of social discomfort.

Nev with the "nonono don't bother, I just want to go home" look.

STILL pouting two months later.

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