Catfish Host Nev Schulman Is Engaged To Marry Laura Perlongo

Apparently love is real.

If you'd been hoping you, too, could one day have the experience of being propositioned by Nev Schulman via Instagram DM, I'm sorry to tell you it is not to be: Nev has proposed marriage to his girlfriend Laura Perlongo, who has apparently accepted.

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And actually, I guess that doesn't necessarily mean he isn't still hitting on people over social media: maybe they believe in fidelity as much as they do in contraception, which is to say NOT AT ALL. Because yes, Nev's intended is the very same woman who is carrying his fertilized roe, as she announced in a memorably barfous blog post earlier this month. And since they got pregnant via carelessness and have already broken up at least once during their seven months of long-distance dating, clearly this is a couple who are in it for the long haul. Good luck to everyone. ESPECIALLY THE BABY.