'I'm All About Stories'

  • From August to end of April, May, drinking seems to be a problem around here, and the kids we deal with typically don't listen to us.
  • He got in there and he fuckin' kicked me in the ass and he fuckin' punched me in the arm!
  • You can have my wallet!
  • You've been kind of a pain in the ass earlier. The guys, they don't want you back there anymore.
  • Okay, that's a good plan, but we're gonna make it official, all right. You're gonna be served a trespass letter.
  • Dude, you shit your pants or what?
    I did, a little bit, but I lost like a hundred and fifty bucks.
  • Can I ask you real quick? What am I not allowed to be in?
  • What happened? I'm all about stories.
  • I said, 'Hey bro, it doesn't look like it's your fiancee 'cause she's fuckin' riding on me,' right?
  • If I'm bleedin', he's not bleedin', that's a different story, you know.
  • Get out of my car, you're free to go.
  • Hey, green shirt. Green shirt. You 21?
  • We've been here a few times, haven't we.
  • Why would you not go somewhere else and have a party, and then leave them the mess?
  • How'd you guys get called?
    There was this invention, made a few years ago, called the telephone?
  • One of the things I've found out over 12 years is that intoxication and lying don't go together very well.
  • Do you have ID with you?
  • You need to keep him away from me.
  • The alley is maintained by the city, so it's a public place.
  • I don't feel like I need to be giving you my address.
  • So is there anything else you'd like to tell me?
    Nope, just that I'd like to go home.
  • You don't have some lordly law over me!
  • I have my phone in my bra, if that means anything.
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