First, They Came For The Rats

The rule of threes applies when the residents of Poplar begin culling The Rats, The Gays, and The Irish.

  • Previously

    Patsy has a lady friend, maybe? Sister Monica Joan is a great defender of rats. Nurse Crane is the new Tough Broad on the block. The East End continues to recover from the war.

  • That Quote
    "Poison the rat and through clouds of time and space, you poison Man. We are all, essentially, The Rat."
    - Sister Monica Joan -
  • Place Of Interest

    Convenient For A Lot Of Things!

    Step right in, gentlemen and enjoy true convenience. Organize supplies and rations in the event of a nuclear attack. Relieve yourself on the way to the Tube. Freshen up. Have bathroom sex with strange men. What could be more convenient?

  • Character Study

    He's Very Clean

    Name: Tony Amos.
    Age: Mid-20s.
    Occupation: Garage mechanic. Art lover.
    Goal: To choose the least convenient moment possible to live his truth by propositioning some illicit dude sex in a public bathroom while his very pregnant wife stays home keeping his house just so.
    Sample Dialogue: "Sometimes I don't know what comes natural. It's like I'm one of them little green men. Nothing outside the flying saucer makes any sense."
  • Symbolism

    "Imagine Gettin' All That From A Paintin'"

    The Scene: Marie proudly shows off Tony's pride and joy: his pristine parlor, piano, and art. Patsy feels a twinge of foreshadowing.

    The Symbol: Some painting of sad drag queen trapped in a life she doesn't want because she's just too beautiful to escape.

    The Meaning: Tony gay, y'all.

  • Snapshot

    Thanks For Reading

    Nurse Crane knows everything about dysentery. And childbirth. And housing. And medicine. And telling people how to do their jobs. Doctors especially love that!

  • Hell No!
    Illustration: Previously.TV

    Illustration: Previously.TV

    When You're Sitting In The Dirt...

    Good GOD. What is worse than diarrhea? I can't even believe I have to type these words: diarrhea with pus and blood in it. THAT'S DYSENTERY. Prescription to self: If ever afflicted with dysentery, leap from nearest cliff while igniting pants.

  • Character Study

    Butter Wouldn't Melt

    Name: Mrs. Marie Amos.
    Age: Early 20s.
    Occupation: Homemaker, mother-to-be.
    Goal: To be Queen of the Smug Marrieds, as well as the Roses. (Really, just to raise her child in an unbroken home with her husband who kind of cringes when he kisses her.)
    Sample Dialogue: "You smelled like lemons! AND I LOVED IT!"
  • Alert!

    "This Is A Decent Street. For Decent People."

    Alert Type: Classism Alert.

    Issue: Mr. McEvoy has dragged his young children and very pregnant wife to the not exactly gentrified East End.

    Complicating Factors: No one will rent to them because...they're Irish. Sometimes there was no one else around, so poor white people just had to hate each other!

    Resolution: Nurse Crane and Dr. Turner shove a shamrock into the conscience of the local representative.

    Spoiler: Mrs. McEvoy, bless her sacred heart, is going to wish she was a gay rat before all of this is over.

  • That Quote
    "In Pagan times, the Rose Queen was put to death!"
    - Sister Monica Joan, historically speaking about beauty pageants -
  • Snapshot
    Screens: BBC

    Oh, You Need A Towel, Too? How CONVENIENT!

    Uh oh. My deepest empathy goes to Tony and I'm more than a little ticked at Sgt. Noakes for arresting a man whose wife is expecting a baby any second. If Chummy were in town, this would definitely not stand. I am sure she would have a thing or two to say about life in a girl's school OR nursing school.

  • Meeting Time

    Tony, Tony, Tony.

    Who called the meeting? Tony.

    What's it about? Well, see, the reason he had tried to have sex with a dude is...he wants to have sex with dudes?

    How'd it go? I really DO feel sorry for him -- really -- but Tony trying to get Dr. Turner to testify on his behalf by crying that he can't wait to fall asleep at night because he can have what he wants in his dreams? Okay, son, but you married a chick and got her pregnant and THEN went in search of strange wang. So. The doc agrees to stand up for him, based on his own moral principles of live and let live, but I can't help sparing a thought for Marie. Tony may be a victim of society, but she is, too.

  • Snapshot

    Dick In The Dock

    I know he's an actual judge, but...for a man wearing a long, curly wig, he sure seems judgy about poor Tony, who was just looking for bit of relief from a consensual, convenient bathroom hottie. He didn't actually murder anyone.

  • Place Of Interest

    Not Exactly The Plaza

    Just when you thought there couldn't be any more decrepitly foul residences left in Poplar, welcome to Bulthorpe Hostel, charging a mere three-and-six for all the cold water and dysentery you could want!

  • That Happened

    That'll Be Four Boobs He Doesn't Want, Now

    So, Tony doesn't have to go to jail! Yay! But, he does have to take estrogen, which will make his body hair fall out and cause him to grow breasts. Yes, that sounds like a totally reasonable "solution." WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT? Of course he doesn't want to take the hormones, but the law and Marie both insist.

  • Health
    From the desk of

    Dr. Turner




    I know this is a hellhole where people's asses have been exploding blood in between babies being born while rats run rampant through it all blasting fleas in every direction, but I mean, I am a bit peckish.


    A sandwich. Yes, in here. Don't worry about it.

    Refill   4   times
    Try to eat a bigger breakfast tomorrow.

  • Awkward

    She Can Quit Whenever She Wants

    Situation: Trixie and Nurse Crane are quarantined together after being exposed to dysentery.

    What makes it awkward? Nurse Crane's already chronic case of diarrhea of the mouth: seems we're not the only ones who have noticed Trix's extra drinking.

    How is order restored? Trixie finally gives Nurse C the Bug Eyes of Shut It plus the Killed with Kindness Smile.

  • Meeting Time

    Bless Your Heart

    Who called the meeting? Dr. Turner; Nurse Crane also horns in.

    What's it about? The appalling conditions of Bulthorpe.

    How'd it go? I guess the local rep, Andrew Lansing, thought he was going to politick his way out of taking any action by complaining how busy he is to the two people actually keeping his community alive? Ha. Nurse Crane's Grade-A-On-Fleek Passive-Aggressive Game disabuses him of that notion with a quickness. He pushes some papers around and improves the living conditions of Bulthorpe to at least the level of, like, Gitmo.

  • Wrap It Up

    Just when poor Marie is thinking the family secret will at least stay secret in the neighborhood (though I don't know how she really could have expected that), Tom unwittingly lets the cat out of the bag at the Rose Queen rehearsal. Dammit, Tom! Nobody reads the East London Advertiser!


    This bitch. Is there anyone she won't discriminate against loudly and defensively as if anyone gives a good goddamn what she says or does?! Why Patsy doesn't rip her head off, I do not know.


    Possibly because Patsy already has her emotions in a complete yo-yo trying to support both Tony and Marie, defend "the queers" to people (like Sister Winifred) talking about sin, be quietly proud when Sister Julienne counsels understanding, and play it cool when Trixie's like, "Why do care so much?" reason!


    Marie, shunned in the street, comes home to a vandalized door and promptly goes into labor. Even after everything, she wants Tony.


    Marie's dad overhears and goes to find his disgraced son-in-law just in time to save his life from asphyxiation in the garage. "She can't live without you, and I can't live without her," the dad says. "We're like a little set of skittles. We've got to stay upright." Teeearrs.


    If Lansing thought he was going to get off just fogging the boarding house, he was quite wrong. Check the new badass duo over here. "When in the path of an unstoppable force," Nurse Crane strongly advises, "it's best to surrender." Lansing does, and the McEvoys are given their much-needed lodgings.


    Meanwhile, here's Mrs. Turner -- who, though she had joked about being her husband's Watson on the dysentery mystery, straight up Sherlocks the solution, determining that the source of the outbreak is one of the community's mobile kitchens. Looks like they're going to have to resched Food Truck Night!


    Speaking of heroes, Trixie and Tom rise above the batshit ladies of Poplar and show public "forgiveness" of Tony (who is setting his own needs aside for the good of his family), and public support for Marie (who must also shoulder the "shame" of it all). Now, did Tom miss an opportunity to remind all these uppity skanks that none among them is without sin? Yes. Is any of this fair? No. Is the ultimate standing ovation for Marie something of an anachronism? Probs. Are things at least better for those of us living 50+ years later? Not enough.

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